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Philadelphia Suburb Homeowners: 7 Resolutions for 2024

Liam Coonahan
Dec 22 1 minutes read

As the New Year unfolds, many of us in the Philadelphia suburbs—encompassing the vibrant communities of Montgomery and Bucks Counties—are looking to start with intention and purpose. Those who own homes or properties in this diverse region have the unique opportunity to make significant and impactful resolutions that enhance not only their living spaces but also contribute to the appeal of our local communities. From Main Line luxury estates to quaint homes in Doylestown, here are seven standout resolutions that Philadelphia suburban homeowners can embrace to improve their properties and lifestyles in 2024.

1. Invest in Sustainable Upgrades

In an area rich with colonial history yet steadily moving towards a greener future, investing in sustainable upgrades is more than a personal benefit; it's a community commitment. The trend toward eco-friendly living is noticeable across Ambler's walkable downtown and Yardley's riverside retreats. Consider adding solar panels, which can be an advantageous option for our sun-drenched suburban homes, or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances that suit the sophisticated tastes of Montgomery and Bucks County homeowners. Think beyond functionality; choose elegant, recycled materials that echo the luxurious character of the local architecture.

2. Declutter and Organize

The serene townships of our suburbs, like Bryn Athyn and New Hope, embody a sense of peace and order. Draw inspiration from these tranquil locales by decluttering and organizing your own space. Host garage sales in Springfield or participate in community-wide yard sales in Cheltenham to repurpose gently used items. Afterward, smartly designed storage solutions can keep historic stone farmhouses or modern townhomes immaculate and peaceful.

3. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Your outdoor space in the Philadelphia suburbs can be your private enclave. Whether admiring the rolling hills of Fort Washington or the manicured lawns of Radnor, you can draw design inspiration for creating a personal haven with native plantings, cozy fire pits, and locally-sourced hardscaping. These touches will not only elevate your outdoor experience but also blend seamlessly with the natural charm that defines our communities.

4. Prioritize Home Maintenance

Preserving the rich tradition and character of our suburban homes requires vigilant maintenance. Formulate a home care plan that covers regular gutter cleanings, roof inspections, and checks for water damage—common to our region's changing seasons. Enlisting the aid of local professionals from communities like Blue Bell or Jenkintown can maintain the pristine condition and enhance the longevity of your piece of our shared heritage.

5. Embrace Energy Efficiency

In historical districts and modern developments alike, energy efficiency is both pragmatic and necessary. Simple habits learned from community workshops in town centers like Narberth or Lansdale can significantly reduce waste and utility costs. This resolution is particularly compelling for suburban homeowners who wish to model conservation in communities that cherish both preservation and progress.

6. Support Local Businesses

Our suburbs are alive with unique boutiques, artisanal craftsmen, and local markets that enrich our daily lives. Make a conscious decision to support these businesses when revamping your home's interiors, selecting a Warminster contractor for your next project, or choosing a Feasterville eatery for a family dinner. This commitment sustains the economic and cultural vitality that makes our communities thrive.

7. Foster a Sense of Community

A resolution to engage more deeply with fellow residents can greatly impact your local experience. Get involved in neighborhood initiatives in Glenside or join community garden projects in Warrington to strengthen ties and build collective pride. A robust, connected community enhances the living experience for all, creating a safe, welcoming environment where everyone can flourish.

In summary, as a resident and homeowner in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the resolutions you set for the New Year have the potential to elevate not only your own home but also contribute to the fabric of our neighborhoods. By focusing on sustainability, organization, maintenance, efficiency, local engagement, and community, you actively participate in shaping a vibrant and fulfilling 2024 for yourself and the place we call home.

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