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Suburban Philly's Top Home Trends in 2024

Liam Coonahan
Dec 13 6 minutes read

As 2024 unfolds, the Philadelphia suburbs are welcoming a diverse range of home design trends that skillfully merge artisanal charm with forward-thinking innovation. In areas such as Montgomery and Bucks counties, where the rich historical backdrop meets the desires of a modern community, these trends adapt to suit the unique living spaces of our local homeowners.

Bold Choices with Big Personality in Philly Suburbs

This year, residents of the Philadelphia suburbs are embracing the trend of bold statements in home design. Moving beyond the traditional aesthetic that has long characterized the region's interiors, vibrant hues and imaginative patterns are taking root in the homes of communities such as Doylestown and Ambler. 

"Dopamine D├ęcor" emerges as a popular theme, inviting homeowners to feature daring shades like sapphire blue and emerald green, which echo the vibrant energy of the Main Line and Chestnut Hill's dynamic shopping and dining districts. This approach to decor aims to amplify daily joy, transforming homes into sanctuaries of happiness. When incorporating this trend, balancing dynamic hues with the calming tones of Bucks County's countryside can prevent spaces from feeling overpowering.

Quirky home accents now find a place alongside classical architecture. For instance, an oversized mirror or vintage light fixture could become the centerpiece that harmoniously bridges the modern with the traditional in suburban homes.

Artisanal Art: From Main Street To Your Living Room

The emphasis on handcrafted artistry gains momentum in suburban Philadelphia, where local artisans from towns like New Hope and Skippack populate Main Street with their talents. As our daily lives become ever more digitized, the tactile beauty of hand-carved furnishings from the workshops in Peddler's Village or custom-made ceramics from local Montgomery County artists adds authenticity and warmth to our living spaces.

Vintage Influences: Classic Philly Charm with a Modern Twist

As we advance into 2024, the genteel history of Philadelphia's suburbs has found a new expression in home decor. In areas like Bryn Mawr or Newtown, where historical landmarks stand by modern establishments, vintage elements are revitalized. Earthy tones like caramel and sage pay homage to the pastoral beauty of Bucks County farms and Montgomery County parks while complementing contemporary construction.

Taking cues from period dramas, homes in our area are increasingly marrying intricate millwork and sparkling light fixtures with sleek modern furniture. This results in a curated look that is both sophisticated and inviting, appealing to those who appreciate our rich local heritage.

Unique Tiles: Adding Character to Colonial Homes

Tiles become a canvas for personal expression in 2024, with homeowners in the Philadelphia suburbs opting for unique designs that honor our colonial roots while embracing modern aesthetics. Look for the bold graphic patterns in a Blue Bell manor's mudroom or artfully glazed tiles accentuating a kitchen in Warminster.

Local design studios and boutiques in places like Chestnut Hill are offering a myriad of options, from Zellige tiles that add character to a bathroom inspired by Morocco to hand-painted motifs that inject a modern farmhouse kitchen with charm.

Smart Home Tech: Innovating in Suburban Serenity

As we embrace the convenience and sophistication of smart home technology in the Philadelphia suburbs, properties in areas like Lower Merion and Newtown are incorporating these advancements seamlessly into our historic and new builds alike. Programmable lighting, automated thermostats, and next-generation security systems are enhancing the functional elegance of our homes.

Nature-Inspired: Harmony in the Burbs

The concept of integrating nature into our living environments is particularly resonant in the Philadelphia suburbs, where the natural landscape plays an integral role in home design. The rolling hills and woodlands that characterize the region are reflected in the sustainable materials and organic forms increasingly favored in suburban homes. Expansive windows in Bucks County estates capture verdant views, while living walls are a common sight in modern Montgomery County townhomes.

Home Design in 2024

The  Philadelphia suburbs are a tapestry of home design trends in 2024, blending the historic charm of the area with the modern drive for self-expression and sustainable living. As local trends evolve, they do so with an eye towards authenticity, comfort, and style that honors the unique character of our neighborhoods.

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